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Transmogrified Lyrics

Album Name : Pray For The Sentencing
Release Date : 2012-06-12
Song Duration : 3:46

Solstice Transmogrified

Solid mind now warped
Shameless damage brought upon
Some self inflicted wounds
Have surfaced on this weakened body
Foundations are broke in shambles
Cannot escape the plight
All visions of hope soon crumble
Severe attempt to keep a sound
Intelligent mind!

What was once solid now weak
Killed by some would call release

Deprivation of tranquility
Rising to take the fall
Tribulation is destiny
Time will change us all

Detriment slowly but surely
The brain is transmogrified
Temperament - along with the change
Now beginning to lose control

Deprivation - all importance has been lost
- what is thy soul's true cost?
- no need to see it sleep away
Transmogrified I leaving all your will behind
- is it only in your mind?
- no one should be exposed to this pain
Cause this ain't no game!

[Solo - Munoz]

Transmogrified to distort your view
With venomous control!

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