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Accidents Lyrics

Album Name : A Prescription for Paper Cuts
Release Date : 2005-10-30
Song Duration : 6:01

Solstice Coil Accidents

This is all I ever wanted
Yet I dont feel too whole
Theres some dirt between the wheels
I can never find a way
To have them removed

Stock exchange hamsters
Theyve all been offered
An amazingly efficient
Brain diet
A little bit of exercise
Could guide me to the stars

The computer keeps me balanced
Estrogen keeps me alive
And without creativity
There doesnt seem to be
Any reason
To be

We have special people
That help you move
We'll take care of your malfunctions
And fix you good
Just sit back and let us work
Leave your conscience on this boat

The red carpet
On my skin
Elevates my powdered chin

These marks on my spleen
Force me to get rid
Of the people that I love

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