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Hault Lyrics

Solo.45 Hault

(featuring Deacon The Villian)

Artist:Solo.45 featuring Deacon the Villian 
Album:Search&Destroy EP

::Hook:: Deacon The Villian Sings
When It Comes to the raps to the tracks that I spat on the Dat
When It Comes to the flows or the crowd control at the shows
When It Comes to the lines in the rhymes to the shine from my mind
So stop it right there ((HAULT))
Playa I dont Fight Fare ((HAULT))
La, La, La, La

::Verse 1:: Solo.45
Yo Im the Sick syllible kicker with Six cyllinder scriptures
My writtens define brilliance from beggin to finish
Rhyme telepathic, Stomp rappers threw thought transmission
Give weak rappers the cold shoulder, Leavin you frost bittin
My words are weapons, Set off detectors when I enter
Execute with perfection, Leavin your connects severed
I got emcees paranoid like vietnam war vets
Public slept on my long enuff, they dont need no more rest
Who evers in the path ill blaze nomatter rap status or age
Im 10 steps past insane and im about to take my claim
Low Down and Cocky how the f..ck you gunna stop me
You bound to fiz out, You like a rappin Tomagotchi
Performin exquizit, Tounge Twistinly, Wicked ?Expoditions?
With disses, Hittin persistant, Never lettin up for an instant
Id like to present hip hops most devious minds
Which DNA structure would imply are Identicle to mine


::Verse 2::
No need to reply, You f..cked soon as you hand me the mic
Damaging type, Coming on stage to stare at you like....
Yo,, You aint shit so face it, Im hacking your rhyme matrix
Breaking laws of physics threw phrases, Like neo vs. agents
Blaze remnints of your existance, till you wish you never lived it
Rappers fear biographys they know I can use it to diss em
Sick and deranged, Battled myself for speaking my name
Turns out, Im the best competition I've faced
Too many bigots grabbin mics talkin on how they the illest
On mics I can tell a story I cant remember more vivid
Constantly flippin tounge positions, Like a rapped eatin pussy
Which could be said, Judging by all these bitches who've stepped to me
Swift agility, With ability, Straight Outta your league
Many cats have rocked the crowd, Im too elite to be king
Age of a prince, thats and understatment with these lines
And this proves my FUCK YOUs stay ruff, with the K-Y


deacon:Deacon the villian and solo
Strong like bolo, incase you dont know
all yall pretendin to be hard
just lay it down aight folk
My man just tore the track down
like none other, yall need to listen up

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