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Black 7 Lyrics

Album Name : Scars (Expanded Edition)
Release Date : 2011-10-07
Song Duration : 4:59

Soil Black 7

All felt is good here
All felt is just fine
Like a rapture waiting to dine on the divine

It moves across me and sets me free
Open oh so gently

Everytime I scream release
I mean it, you know it
Everytime I feel relief
I feel the day black 7.

Loss of time is felt here
Burning brick in my mind
Like a cancer growing in the minds of the divine

Don't roll me over
Cant help these things I can feel
Couldn't see them coming
But I've given into what's been given
Take a taste of what's within
You cast me over
Yet I've risen and I am real

I am the little cracked mirror

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