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Polytoximaniac Lyrics

Sodom Polytoximaniac

I'm quite prepared to use what everyone declines
I can't restrain myself
'Cause devils in my head tonight
Dullness in my eyes turns all the sunshine into rain
And I deceive myself that I could never fall again

I'm a politoximaniac
Dangerous and blind
A politoximaniac
The truth begins to bite
A politoximaniac
It's all that I can say
A politoximaniac
From birth 'til my decay

It's not a strong man's act to fall in ecsatasy
I like to have a bit of fun also with medecine
I blow my brain out of my head but I don't care
Searching for a secret flavour restless day by day

Sometimes I see reflections in the shade of god
One billion cokroaches are ready to attack
I can't believe my sense it's time to say goodbye
The golden shot is due, erasure of my mind

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