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Thug Life Lyrics

Snow X Thug Life

Thugs we back (hhhhhhhh)
What the math a f..cker life gets live
Now let welcome to every body to show how I life
Run way from street to f..ck street
Get side what we sail and smoke weed 
Snatch book and hid the f..ck feet 
I watch from enemez there are f..ck diesis
We are thug life in first look for peace 
Now in guess book f..ck how we say bad
We bad boys killer we stall say the true of my heart to my shoes
Now kill now still no one things n hill
The better get dog friend no friend dog
Every body fread for me cuz I’m t.h.u.g
Some people thing thug can’t give hug  
No heart no soul no feels couz it is black 
 F..ck whit power thee math a f..cker make me sick
Can say 123 comn bitches you don’t want me sick my dick 
You dream in my face in day in nigh dream in mike
I back not for fight just say true c
C’mon math a f..cker shows me what you gone do?
  You call cups f..ck cups if you fear to say the true f..ck you too
So many bitch say s_mike is blind I can see in my heart 
Feel in fear happy and sad that f..ck of human part 
 F..ck u.n f..ck fbi f..ck the whole boyz girls say we bad in G.book

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