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Dime Store Rock Lyrics

Album Name : It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
Release Date : 1995-02-08
Song Duration : 4:53

Snakepit Dime Store Rock

(Gilby Clarke/Eric Dover/Slash)
Ain¹t it scary deep inside
Aren¹t you naked with no pride
Let me turn you on
Oh, I can feed you lies
Let me turn you on
It¹s no longer a game
And under your skin
I am ready to dive in
Parasites on television screens
Hide in the cracks and
Underneath the seams
Dime store rock
has warped your mind
melting faces, deep set eyes
Let me turn you on
Hey baby what¹s your sign ?
Let me turn you on
Goes along with the territory
She wants to f..ck you tonight
Please, smelling like a wino
on her knees
Please, selling you her
gothic rocket dreams
She¹s gonna burn you out
To make it seem
Like nobody wants anything from you
Cause you¹re a has-been on TV
It¹s no longer a game
And under you skin
I¹m ready to dive
Let me turn you on
Turn you, turn you on

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