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Hand In Glove Lyrics

Album Name : The Sound of the Smiths (Remastered)
Release Date : 2008-11-11
Song Duration : 2:43

Smiths Hand In Glove

Hand in glove
the sun shines out of our behinds
no, ist not like any other love
this one is different – because ist us
Hand in glove
we can go wherever we please
and everything depends upon
how near you stand to me
and if the people stare
then the people stare
I really don't know and I really dont care

Hand in glove the Good People laugh
yes, we may be hidden by rags
but we have something they'll never have
so, hand in glove I stake my claim

I'll fight to the last breath
if they dare touch a hair on your head
I'll fight to the last breath
The Good Life is out there, somewhere
so stay on my arm, you little charmer

but I know my luck too well
and I'll probably never see you again

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