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Eraser Lyrics

Smile Empty Soul Eraser

some days are better, they're better than others
can't run forever, you're pushing me under
what a way to live my life
i'm hiding from the battles i don't want to fight
what i've become

and now it's going grey
all the lines are blurring and decayed
i can't recall exactly who's to blame..... anymore

is it me or is it you , something isn't right
of all the things that we could do we just wanna fight
someday i will find the courage to embrace you
someday i will find the strength to erase you

some days i think i'm nothing without you
sometimes i wish that i could just kill you
what a way we live our lives
it's hard to breathe
it feels like i'm infected by my dad's disease

and now it's going grey
and you're the one i chose to feed me pain
and i'm the one you bring home so ashamed.....through their eyes


and i see myself in heaven
if i can free myself from this hell

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