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Adjustments Lyrics

Album Name : Vultures
Release Date : 2006-10-24
Song Duration : 3:00

Smile Empty Soul Adjustments

Pull the world over my eyes, make me feel secure
Before you stomp on everything that I have ever stood for
I know your tricks, I know your game, I know your every lure
I know you think I could be great with just a few adjustments

So open your f..cking ears and listen to my words
Theres nothing you can ever say to change my mind
I need to make this clear
These words they must be heard
I'm only me and I don't care if you don't like it

Say the right things all the time, I've heard it all before
And I don't need another asshole in my life right now
Try to be my everything, my everything and more
But everything in my life holds me down and keeps me bored

I don't give a f..ck if you don't

Like it
Fake it
Love it
Hate it

[Chorus x2]

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