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Three Mile Island Lyrics

Small Fred Three Mile Island

Kids in the schoolyard, cows in the field
In a Pennsylvania town it's another day
But at Three Mile Island something was wrong
In the power plant not two miles away
A valve jammed open and the holding tanks blew
And the leak spread for miles around.
With a bubble of hydrogen trapped under the dome
That plant damn near melted down.
Three Mile Island blew down their lies
Next time it happens how many will die?
Got our eyes on the future, got our feet on the ground
Gonna shut down the nukes, shut 'em down
Shut down the nukes, shut 'em down.
Metro Edison said one thing, the feds the reverse
The TV and press had their fun
Out of all the confusion just one thing came through
No one knew what the hell was going on.
Evacuation would have ended the game
So they said there was no reason to go
But they didn't say too much about the workers at the plant
Who as always caught the brunt of the blow.
The sun it shines, the wind it blows
There's a thousand different ways to save fuel
So when some corporation tells me we got no choice
They might as well be calling me a fool.
They say the system worked and no one was killed
They say they'll make 'em safer than before
But they're gambling with our children and they're gambling with the world
And their money don't seem worth dying for.

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