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Penpals Lyrics

Album Name : Twice Removed
Release Date : 1994-07-13
Song Duration : 3:08

Sloan Penpals

I write you from a far country in North of Africa
It is Algeria and my city is Oran
I know you'll find this letter strange
That is because I am strange
My first name is amal
And I'm a girl, I'm a girl, la la la
I am a Norweigan boy which have some question
I have only 13 years but I am crazy of you
Can I have a souvenir?
And if you can a lock of hair
Send me documents and a photo of you alone
Here's my photo dedicece one of you would be canon
I worship all your handsome words, to me you seem giant
You're so cool but you know that
I hope your letters never stop
You are surely special
I like you, I'm like you, la la la

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