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Living Dread Lyrics

Album Name : The Longest Barrel Ride
Release Date : 2008-10-28
Song Duration : 2:32

Slightly Stoopid Living Dread

And if i had a feeling and i liked it alot
I'd spread my lovin' all around
'cause you know we aint got a place to stay
Up you gotta run away
Until that break of day
Say baby i cant love you if they say your a whore
I don't need your pimp daddy crackin' down my door
And if you try to infer which your losin' the hand
Cause i'm the only one whose tough enough to stand
If you listen to my storys in
Standing plain and true
Can you see with one eye open
Even though its just the two of us to stay
I cant believe that you don't b-load every day
Don't try and fake it cause you know its not me
Its not me
Whoa whoa
It's not me
It's not me
It's not me
People try to tell you that your something your not
'cause everybody want to be the one with the shots
In the head
Don't you know the living dread
But baby one more time
Say baby don't you know
When its time to get back
And if you listen to me closely
Then we'll stay on track
Around and round and around she goes
Until we tied her up down from her head to her toes
If you listen to the calling of
The generation gap
Never put it all together
Like were stepping right back behind the page
I cant pretend that we don't b-load every day
Don't try and fake it cause you know its not me
It's not me
Whoa whoa its not me
It's not me
It's not me
Well i know
This shit aint right
You can count on me puttin' up a fight
But im seein' you here and im seein' you there
I see that you don't give a damn about me

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