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East On Tracks Lyrics

Album Name : Burn Out
Release Date : 1998-06-30
Song Duration : 2:35

Slick Shoes East On Tracks

Thrown out in the cold again.
We don't have a place for you here.
You did everything shy of call me stupid.
Why not take this comfort away.
You've got everything else.
Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.
It's all right now, I've found my way.
No thanks to you I'll be o.k.
You've showed me how to mistrust.
No thanks to you I'll be o.k.
Could you come and walk with me and help me not to stray?
I need your strength to guide me.
So show me how to trust and to know faith.
I've paid a price I now,
not standing up for my beliefs.
What's inside won't be held back I know that with your love I will find peace.

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