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Amuse Lyrics

Album Name : Smart
Release Date : 1995-02-13
Song Duration : 2:09

Sleeper Amuse

Locked inside of a prison of my own construction
I wish the walls wouldn't run around
So I can't touch them
You think it's amusing
Amuses you so much
You think it's amusing
Do you think it's strange that I took so long to
mess my face up
I'm just so crazed I can't find the space to
wriggle out enough
You think it's amusing
Amuses you so what
You think it's amusing
Ignored me for days just so I'd want you more
Your beautiful face making my eyes feel sore
You're tragically vain
You knew I'd adore you for it
One more day
One more week
I think I've finally found a place where I can

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