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Shout It Out Lyrics

Album Name : Eternal Live
Release Date : 2009-06-23
Song Duration : 3:28

Slaughter Shout It Out

"Attention, for the next 4 minutes and 10 seconds
This station will be conducting a test
On the good times broadcasting system, that is
So all you fine, outstanding citizens, come join us
In a way bueno fiesta celebration
It's guaranteed to be one wild ride"
People try to rule my world
'Cause they don't have nothing better to do--no, no, no, no
Say what they want, but I don't care
They sit and watch the 6 o'clock news
'Cause when we're out at night, feelin' right
It looks like we're livin' for free
We just turn up the music louder
Then we scream it up and down your street
Up and down your street
You gotta shout it out
Shout, shout it out
Tell them what's on your mind and what it's all about
Shout, shout it out
Come on everybody, you gotta shout it out
Come on and shout it out
Making music is how I live
You know I like to hang out on the town
I said come on little sister
Don't you see what you're missin'
There ain't no one to bring us down
[CHORUS 1 & 2]
Baby I'll show you the way
If you'll just reach out and take my hand
If you speak of the words that say how you feel
Just let your words carry the dreams that you have deep inside
Come on and shout it out
"You know it's times like these
Are the most excellent time of our lives
And I just have to say it's great to party with you

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