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Desperately Lyrics

Album Name : Stick It To Ya
Release Date : 2003-06-12
Song Duration : 3:34

Slaughter Desperately

Ya never say
What's on your mind
Just tell me honey
Lay it out on the line
Anytime night or day
Just call me up
And I'll be on my way
The clock strikes midnight
I don't know where you are
The clock strikes, it's alright
Just tell me honey
Don't push me too far
Desperately I gotta know
If you want me
Just let me know
Desperately give me an answer
Can't ya see
I'm here for you
Oh please don't run away
Don't run away
Ya know it's things like this
I've been misunderstood, oh
And by the strange looks, babe
Ya don't believe in me like you should

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