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Kings Crossing Lyrics

Sky Kings Crossing

Saw her first working 
Up and down King's cross 
Thinkin' what is she after? 
Where is she from? 
While I think of travelling 
Day by day 
She stands on that corner 
Same expression on her face 

Oh what's the point of it all 
All I am searchin' is for a higher ground 
I've seen stranger faces 
I've been to darker places 
How I wished you would see me 
Learning from my mistakes 
We've been sitting here 
For an hour at least 
Words come out of your mouth 
But it seems so unreal 
Is it just another fix you need 
To release to feel free 
To get back on your feet 

Oh how I've learned from my mistakes 
She says 
If I were more like you 
Find courage and change 
You know I've never seen the ocean 
Never felt the sand 
But wait a second, I gotta make my phone call

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