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Infinite Keeper Lyrics

Six Magics Infinite Keeper

My heart leaps up
with the cold wind that covers my soul
the darkness the brightness
are shelter to my thought
I behold light
moon reflect of the sun
grow easy, seducer
comrade of the ages

The nature gives me strength to live
she gives me homesickness
Face of earth! Infinite keeper
Glorious! you' re the gate of plenitud of life
you are the greatness!
Sun 's death seen by the sea
mountains that see the sun's birth
dark sunrise, clear dawn
anihilators of moon
The snow is bright
like crystal drops that fall
pale blanket hides the valleys
you'll be killed by the sun

Raging seas of holy nature fill us with your grace
I will throw myself into your arms of holiness
every wave is a glorious symphony
I won't rest until I feel your mist again I will not rest


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