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Liar Lyrics

Album Name : Soularium
Release Date : 1998-07-14
Song Duration : 3:23

Sister Soleil Liar

(Stella Katsoudas/ Howie Beno)
You said that she said and that's okay
I stopped believing your mouth anyway
You're an angry little Joe and that's a well known fact
Don't show me your face 'cause I won't take you back
You liar You goddamn liar, whoa
You liar, yeah, you liar, whoa
Did you think I wouldn't catch on?
Did you think that I was too blonde?
Did you think that you could just go on
Making my life miserable?
What's the matter with you?
Nothing's the matter with me
What'd you say that for? I didn't say nothing
Ya did I didn't
ya did I didn't

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