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Bitter Seas Lyrics

Sirrah Bitter Seas

Now I'm crossing through
A sea of icy tearful juice
Last this trip to land of rest
And sorrows of the past
Drifting on the bitter seas
Yet she sees the blood red sky
I'm beneath flowing down
To sleep among the stars
Feeling like I'm crossing through
A sea of bloody tearful juice
Last this trip will never end
Though soul departs the Earth

"Joy thou glorious spark of Heaven
Flower of Elysium
Hearts of fire aroused enraptured
You will drift forever"

Gather all the pains you feel
I'll wear it till the end...
Bitter are my tears swallowed at the end
Let them be some sacrifice for ones that
I have lost
Soon we'll meet and kiss in Eden
But ship... your boat still drifts and flows
Now I drown dead in the eye of dawn
I'll reach the end in the bottomless space...

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