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Gloomily Dressed Lyrics

Sinoath Gloomily Dressed

Here I am, gloomily dressed
To blend in with the night
To be as one with the shades
And let their hidden silence dim my sight

Here I am keeping my balance on the threat of life
Unaware of the solar messages
Attracted by the ones behind the walls of decease
Paralyzed by their invisible voices

Gloomily dressed I think
How much obscure air was in the womb
And in an old man's glance
Now, prepared for my passing away
I can feel your fear of death
Of finding yourself dressed in your own bones

Here I am, gloomily dressed
To perform my anguish, to display my anxiety
In the theatre of shadows
And the night still holds me

New in compliance with my fading existence
The dark is my only dress
That dark in which I can hear the reverb of my cries
And enrich my feelings with lonelyness

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