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Devil's River Lyrics

Album Name : The Nature of Evil
Release Date : 2006-08-15
Song Duration : 5:20

Sinner Devil's River

Sinner, Naumann

I'm diving deep in devil's river
I will find out if this curse is true
About the storyteller's nightmare
All these visions about youth
Don't expect any mercy ... like Mary who died
As the water took her ... to the other side

The world could be saved ... with plessure and pain
Don't have tears, don't shiver
Come to me to devil's river
Come to me [2]

I watched the trial of the river
Saw the deadly seven sins
A conversation with Jesus
Who used needles and pins
See the news on TV, tell us the end is near
Into the water we'll dive, to the other side



Come to me to ... devil's river
Come to me

You'll feel the pleasure and pain
In devil's river

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