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Because She Held On Lyrics

Sinadick Because She Held On

 i wrote this song for my mom to show her that i am sorry for all the pain she had to go through,& i wanna thank her for being there and protecting us!

You see the hurt in my mothers eyes*
She tries to hide from the world, disguise*
You see the bruises all over her face*
What did she do to be in this place*?

She tries to leave but you wont let her go*
She tries to say "please dont hurt me no more"*
She leades us in a room where we couldnt see*
The way my father wouldnt let her be free*

Chrous:Through the hurt and the pain, and the sun and the rain*
Through the blood and the tears she has concerd her fears from you*
And there is no more pain to go throgh*
And i know that she is strong*
Because she held on*

How could you raise your hand to your wife*?
You almost took my mothers life*
What would you do if i asked where she was?*
Would you say that "she just left us"*

        Hold on, the pain will mend*
        Hold on, it is not the end*

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