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Travelling Man Lyrics

Album Name : Real Life
Release Date : 2008-03-03
Song Duration : 3:34

Simple Minds Travelling Man

The lights of the motel shine on to me
This is the land of the brave, sad and the lonely
The last ride's
Coming to me I can feel it
A new life
Screaming out and I can't miss it
Travelling man
Travelling man
You get away if you can
My body's shaking, my body's tired
Hookers to the left of me, killers on the inside
The last train
Left this station long ago
The headlights
Shine like diamonds in the snow
Like a travelling man
I'm a travelling man
Run away if you can
Cruel world keeps turning I'm dead on my feet
From the blue icy mountains to white city heat
Factory fire burns like a phoenix tonight
Spread your wings come on darling
And your eyes
Search for me but I can't see them
And your sweet mouth
It speaks to me but I can't hear it
And your - your sweet smile
Two thousand miles for your warm kisses
And your sweet child
I got one last chance and I can't miss it
No no no no
Travelling man
Like a travelling man
Well I'm a travelling man

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