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Aquatic Ambience Lyrics

Sic Ill Aquatic Ambience

I'm stuck to you
It hurts me baby when I gotta let go
You're my velcro lady
Especially when we lay
I wanna talk to my baby
Letting all the world know
That you're my one-time lady
Test me, wanna play
Holiday, you are to me so great
Celebrate you
In all ways (all days)

(Verse 1)
Under the lighting
Same thing as aquarium
Nibble on my mouth
I say yum
Chewing your tongue, it's my gum
When we lock lips
Your saliva's my rum
My feelings are numb
I give you nourishment, keep the crumbs
Tingly on my stomach
Won't you toss me some tums
Smell sweet to my nose
Started to run
Down my mustache
Turn to vapor, you sun
Starry girl
Slap your bum bum
Irritated, that's what causes pearls
Angel on the planet
So you're out of this world
This galaxy, Universe
God did this falacy


Nows the time we make ammends
Apologize, connect the ends
Big sharking without a fin
Small talkin, no walking
Like vertebrates
I toughened my backbone
Never touched the brakes
When I was driving you back home
So we could be alone
Communicating light tones
New age era, but you still
Use your speakerphone
When I'm away, I act a dog
You love my bone
Attracted you, using natural pheromones
Sometimes you acted a punk
Tatted flesh tone
She bumped the Ramones


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