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Fly Lyrics

Album Name : When I Love
Release Date : 2002-01-06
Song Duration : 4:16

Sharon Cuneta Fly

Last kiss tonight
Darlin` hold me tight
There may never be a chance like this again
You leave me now
Believing how
There`s a chance we`ll find each other in the end

You must fly fast and free
You must know, you must see
Where your heart belongs
And when you`re nowhere else to go
You know where I`ll be
You must fly
Fly home back to me

Another clich
Don`t they always say
If you love someone
Well you`ve got to let them go
Return in time
And you`ll be mine
In my heart I believe it and I know

I dare not clip your wings
I`ll see what tomorrow brings
While you say you`d rather stay
I`ll send you on your way

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