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We Fell Off Lyrics

Shaquees We Fell Off

We Fell Off Yeah We Fell Off

Hook 20x: We Fell Off

I Swear To God Baby When I Try to f..cking Text You You Always Leave Me On Read And I Be Like What You Doing Yeah I Give Up On Texting You Why you Doing This To Me Don't Screw Me Over No Mo Cause I Want Yo Heart And Soul Yeahhh

Hook 20x: We Fell Off

I Swear The God Baby Ha When We Fall Off
And I'm Thinking Like Thinking LikeĀ  Why Fell Off Cause I Want You So Damn Much Snd I Can't Wait To See You And Can't Wait To Hold On You And You Know Yeah Ooouuu Yeah
Well Fell Off Yeah You Know The Rest yeah We fell Off You Know The Rest

Hook 20x: We Fell Off

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