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Waves Freestyle Lyrics

Shahroz Waves Freestyle

[Verse 1: Shahroz]
You and I define success different
I wanna be eye to eye with divine existence
Higher living than a nine to five is my intention
I could mention I don't want em' eating off my lively effort
I put that work in so my parents never lift a finger
Kids gettin' money cuz their papa was a rapper-singer
I'm an artist, we don't like doing the same thing
Day to day, the weekend is what you're chasing
If i'm able, I need a space to create in
Paintin' with adversity, this is just what i'm facin'
Penmanship at it's pinnacle, lyrically i'm invincible
Complexity is common, the substance just isn't visible
Yeah, or maybe it's jus lacking for us
You don't love the culture, you don't really got the passion for it
Yeah, you don't got the passion for it
Dog, you don't really got the passion for it

Drop, drop drop it likes it's hot
I'm on fire, feelin' like i'm Klay Thompson with the shot
Chillin' up in in brick city, i'm the coldest on the block
Prolly mix a thing or two, have you lookin' like Barack
Drizzy mode, I might take Jenny from the block
Other times I might wanna hit her finger with the rock
I'm a playa and a gentlemen, a thug and i'm sensitive
A drug get you pumped, then I drop like a sedative
Yeah, few things i'm consistent with
Won't catch me with a rollie, couple thousand dollars on the wrist
Hundred-thousand dollar car, I don't drive that kind of whip
I don't mess with bad investments, money it be burnin' quick
But if a label wanna front the money
I can sell the image, dog it ain't really nothing to me
But i won't if I need to
Balance to the scale, most of ya'll don't keep it equal

[Hook: Shahroz]
I'm on another type of wave
Independent, how i wanna man
I been gettin' wins, up in ways that you don't understand
I been feelin' good, hope you catch it like a second hand
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I'm on another type of wave

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