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Decay Lyrics

Set The Score Decay

You're down and out for the count
But I'll be better off without you in my way (in my way)

Have you ever contemplated
That the world doesn't revolve around you?
I get so f..cking frustrated when everything you say is the same
It's always the same

Cause I know it's never going to change

It's such a shame to see you this way
You waste your days getting high
I can't apart of your so-called life
Why can't you just get it through your head?
So take another drag and keep clouding your thoughts
Let's get this straight

Six months ago you were nearly dead
I was there when you needed a friend
But I don't think I could go through all of that again
You claim it's all apart of your plan
But when did they ever pan out?
When did they ever?

You turned your back on the world
Threw it all away
Took it in your stride
It's just another day but
You can't keep living this way
Death is waiting around the corner
If you don't want to change

It's all in your head
I just wish you would use it

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