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Things That Are Lyrics

Album Name : Mara
Release Date : 2003-03-01
Song Duration : 4:55

Runrig Things That Are

She was the fairest
And her eyes shone of blue
I first fell in the autumn term
There was nothing I could do
School lovers swarmed
Around the courtyard wall
Then walked on up
The rapture road aglow

She kept me warm that winter
And winter turned to spring
We never looked round corners
To the changes they could bring
Her love was a dart
And I swore she broke my heart
The world would never turn
The same again

The things that are
And things that never can be
Are things that we must bare
To share our destiny

I saw her again last summer
Where the hard rains fall
The grass grew long around her feet
Where the years took their toll
She once meant the world to me
But we by-passed destiny
On the road not taken
The road unknown


She was the only one
Eternity blindness could see
Our moments are rush and gone
All our pictures incomplete



Oh, the things that are


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