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Shaking Like A Leaf Lyrics

Album Name : Forbidden Fruit
Release Date : 2009-03-06
Song Duration : 3:34

Ruby Paul Shaking Like A Leaf

Shaking like a Leaf
Every time I speak, I start to stutter
Never felt embarrassment like this
The things I long to say I’ll never utter,
The words I meant are dying on my lips
Shaking like a leaf on a tree
Bending like a branch in the breeze
Every time you’re near me, I freeze
Shaking like a leaf
Suddenly my senses grow numb
I become all fingers and thumbs
I can’t speak, shaking like a leaf, shaking like a leaf

I am feeling sick with the emotion
If only I could speak to tell you how
When you’re near you send my senses reeling
But I could never dare to let you know


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