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Party In Me Lyrics

Right Side Of The Tree Party In Me

I, I roll up to the honeys,
A big keg, got a cup but no money.
A solo, fill it up to the brim,
A new bowl, spark it up we begin

I set the forest ablaze, we get to feeling right.
A journey to another place.
Drink until we see the light.

(Hey!, Hey!)
I'm jumping around and making noise
(Hey!, Hey!)
The naked girls and party boys
(Hey!, Hey!)
Living it up it is the key, to throw myself into the sea,
and find that there's a party in me.

I, I party till the break of dawn.
Stay up late with a drink writing songs.
A forty ounce beer in my hand.
I pass out jamming loud with the band.

(Repeat Bridge/Chorus)

I party till the lights go out and everybody's faded.
Double shot of Jack for ya, then you know you've made it.
Tipsy on the edge, and everybody's screaming.
I wanna jump around and break a hole through the ceiling!

(Repeat Bridge/Chorus)

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