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Part Of Me Lyrics

Richard Marx Part Of Me


It falls from you and covers me
And I
I love you in ways no voice could speak
I never dreamed Iíd have so much
But Iíd burn it all just to warm you up

You are the water that I drink
You are the song Iíll always sing
You turned my world of doubt into belief
And I will love you on your way
I will remember every day
And if you fall Iím never out of reach
Cause youíre a part of me

May the wind carry you
And rise
High enough to see the truth
I will protect you when I can
Donít be afraid just give me your hand


As you go along
You wonít take a step alone
And should your faith be gone
Iíll believe for you

I love you more than the sea is deep
Just know (that) you can always count on me


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