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Destination Life Lyrics

Album Name : Destination Life
Release Date : 2010-07-13
Song Duration : 2:42

Rhonda Vincent Destination Life

Picking up her clothes from the bedroom floor
She dressed in the dime light shinning from the hall
Quietly she slipped into a moon lit night
Leaving all her troubles behind

He over looked the little things that means so much
There was no sincerity left in his touch
Anyway she tried to please he put her down
He cannot criticize her if she ain't around


And she's driving like there's no tomorrow, no turning back
Clinging to what dignity is still in tack
Face to face with freedom and determined to survive

Destination life

On the road she thinks about the way things were
If only he'd respected, loved and cared for her
He had opportunities to do things right
He missed the chance to hear her say good bye


It wouldn't have taken much to keep her from walkin'
But she gave up and let the miles between them do the talkin'


Destination life

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