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Ms Pinocci Lyrics

Rewind Ms Pinocci

Miss Pinocci, oh oh oh
Miss Pinocci, oh oh oh
Miss Pinocci, oh oh oh
Miss Pinocci, ohhh

[Verse 1]
Man she lied to me
On the hunt for love and she my prodigy
Love is blind, she can see
Evil oxygen she can breath
Me I suffocate like J. Holiday
If love was Mexican I be like andale
But it's American, it wants war
bombs at your door do I really want more?
Scars on my wound, blood on my tomb
This sensation kills smack me back into my womb
Call of Duty, why can't this woman shoot me?
Cut my chest in half throw my heart at your feet
So you can trip but your ass and fall for me
Fell three times and you standing up
I'm still a sitting duck

Gave you everything you were my life
I thought of you baby day and night
You were the one to meet me down the aisle
Bitch you lied to me and broke my heart

[Verse 2]
Drove to her heart baby took the pink slip
Had it going straight baby pushed the stick shift
Driving me insane lost control of the clutch
Master in this bitch shawty was a dutch
Yeah she had me rolled tried to rock the boat
But the water was passed high had to over float
Into the ocean, cease all the commotion
If my appearance really bad as Shrek give me the potion
It is what it is you lied to me boo
Lets make it all better and rock like Patrick do
Saw you my whole school life here's my diploma
Excuse my persona every prince needs his Fiona



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