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Hummingbird Lyrics

Album Name : RCA Country Legends: Restless Heart
Release Date : 2003-03-01
Song Duration : 2:57

Restless Heart Hummingbird

Got tired of living in that one horse town
I went to the station to flag that Hummingbird down
I didn't even call to say good-bye
I couldn't stand to see that little girl cry

Now I'm off to the city, gonna make my name
Those lights are calling me to fortune and fame

I had to ride that Hummingbird
I had to ride that Hummingbird

I'm gonna make it now just any day
I've got this guitar and I came to play
Lying here lonely, knowing what I've lost
My heart keeps asking: Was it worth the cost?

Now ain't it funny how it always seems
Once you're standing there the grass ain't so green

Why did I ride that Hummingbird
I had to ride that Hummingbird

Oh, today she called me on the telephone
She said: Hey country boy, you've been gone too long
And now I'm standing at the station, looking down the line
Here comes that Hummingbird, she's right on time
(that's right)

I'm gonna ride
Just let me ride ...
We're gonna ride ...
Just let me ride ...
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