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Soopaman Luva 5 (part I) Lyrics

Redman Soopaman Luva 5 (part I)

Somebody stole my mojo, yo, once again
Soopaman Luva flyin' through the f..ckin' sky
I'm lookin' for my mojo, I'm fried chinky-eyed
My cape is still tore up, but I make a lil' money
I'm like Ace Ventura, duckin' my landlord
The land of the poor, where I handle my biz
I got a weed spot on the block Hannibal live
Pokemon on the pipe, Rudolph the deer Red-Nose
Glow in the night, when his nose gettin' right

I pimp Snow and Vanna White on the hoe stroll
Dr. Ruth on E, sippin' Old Gold, Mr. T on crack, mohawk cornrow
In South Park with the Chef, in the stolen Ford
I'm lookin' for my mojo, where it at?
Got a APB on it dawg, where it at? I ran into Cita, from BET
She said, "Man is a nigga, that's fast on the trigger
I thought he was you, when we had the party for two
My girlfriend said the same, majority rules"

Damn, who takin' my women?
Who takin' my chickens around thanksgiving? Now that's pimpin'
Called my man Meth and Bishop Don Juan
He smokin' a blunt, other sippin' Sean Don
He said it ain't the game, but how you play it
So I can't hate the game, so I'm dyin' to play it
Now I'm back in the air, ready to put my smack down
I'm searchin' for the impostor to pat down

I'm urgin' to put the glock up and clap rounds
It's curtains like Jimmy Hoffa, he not found
So ride on me, try homey
Your plan'll fail like the Acme Kit from Coyote
Now I'ma find the bastard that stole my juice
Soopaman Part Five, in your archives

I'm yo Soopaman baby, that's who I am
Flyin' through the air, without a care
I'm high as hell blazin', that Cali weed
That Kryptonite bud, that sticky green

I'm yo' Soopaman
I'm yo' Soopaman
I'm yo' Soopaman
I'm yo' Soopaman

I'm yo' Soopaman
I'm yo' Soopaman
I'm yo' Soopaman
I'm yo' Soopaman

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