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Soul Medley Lyrics

Rebecca St. James Soul Medley

The Enemy's Defeated
The enemy's defeated,
The battle is the Lord's
The righteous are forgiven
The victory is yours.
O the fire is spreading,
The glory of the Lord
The enemy's defeated
The victory is yours.
Fire of Gold falling from above
Holy f
Ire burning in our hearts
Fire of love spreading from within
I'm on fire and the fire is spreading fast
Words and Music by Geoff Bullock and Lucy Fisher.
Copyright © 1989 Hillsongs Music. All rights reserved.
I Am Not Ashamed
I am not ashamed
Of the G
Ospel of His name
For it is the power,
The power of my salvation
I am not ashamed, no way,
Of the Gospel of His kingdom
I have been delivered, Jesus set me free!
I'm saved, S.A.V.E.D.
I'm saved, Jesus set me free!

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