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Come Back Lyrics

Ray J & Chris Brown Come Back

Girl, you should stay in tonight (oh, woah)
We don't gotta go out
'Cause I got something planned special, for you
But baby, you could keep your heels on and that lingerie
I'm loving your panties, in my bed, keep it romantic (mm, oh)
And girl, I know the sheets is all white
We can f..ck 'em up, girl, it's all right

[Chorus: Chris Brown & Ray J]
Let's disappear, yeah, yeah
If you don't mind leaving your girlfriends, no?
We don't need nobody watching us, yeah
'Cause baby, that's when we making love
I want for you to scream, when you're about to climax (ooh)
When I'm kissing you, holding you and f..cking you on the floor (ooh)
And when I'm inside, I'm gonna give it to you once more (when I'm inside)
So you gon' come back

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Oh, babe, your body, your body, your body (damn)
Oh, give it all to me, I don't wanna share
Making you scream, when I'm pullin' your hair
Neighbors bangin' on the walls
And baby, we're louder than the music
We goin' faster and faster
It can't get no better, lovin' is right here
So let's go

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