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Heavenly Father Lyrics

Album Name : Thank You
Release Date : 1988-09-05
Song Duration : 3:42

Ray Boltz Heavenly Father

Here we are together
Start of a new day
In these precious moments
I've got so much to say
When I think about who You are
And all the things that You do
I lift my voice
And start praising You
Heavenly Father
You're such a good father to me
Heavenly Father
There's no place that I'd rather be
Some days are much better
Than the ones before
But everyday I spend with You
I love You that much more
Even when I fail You
And I try to turn and run
You take my hand
And I know I'm Your son
The world rushes by
Day after day
There's so much to do
There's no time to pray
But I've found with You
A joy that's complete
Kneeling at Your feet
CHORUS (repeat)

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