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Behold Lyrics

Album Name : The Concert Of A Lifetime
Release Date : 1995-09-04
Song Duration : 5:21

Ray Boltz Behold

Words and music by Ray Boltz
Behold the cross that Jesus bore
Behold the crown of thorns He wore
Behold the price that Jesus paid
The glorious sacrifice that He made
Behold, oh, behold
Jesus Christ the Lord
Behold, He is the one
That we adore
Behold the tomb where Jesus lay
Behold the stone
It's been rolled away
Behold His resurrection power
He lives again, He lives this hour
Behold a world in slumber lies
And then thunder fills the skies
An angel shouts
A trumpet sounds
The saints of God are glory bound
And we adore You, Lord
And we adore Your name
And we lift up our hearts in praise

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