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Another Child To Hold Lyrics

Album Name : Another Child To Hold
Release Date : 1991-02-27
Song Duration : 4:10

Ray Boltz Another Child To Hold

Another Child To Hold
Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan
She looks down at her angel
Sleeping in his bed
She gently kneels beside him
And then she bows her head
And just like other mothers
Who lived so long ago
She brings her child to Jesus
And give him to the Lord
Jesus, here's another child to hold
Keep this child safe and warm
This world can be so cold
Take this child in Your arms
And never let him go
Jesus, here's another child to hold
He watched his only daughter
Leaving on a date
He doesn't want to worry
But now it's getting late
Waiting in the darkness
He kneels down on the floor
And offers up a silent prayer
As he listens for the door
Wherever there are children, Lord
In danger or in need
May you find someone there
Praying on their knees
Oh, please

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