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Every Single Day Lyrics

Album Name : P ... or Different Songs In Different Sounds
Release Date : 2009-01-09
Song Duration : 2:48

Pyogenesis Every Single Day

(music and lyrics: Flo Schwarz)
time is running - my mind is changing
there's a difference hanging right over me
when in hopeless trying - senseless crying
sickness buying and in lifeless dying
in a cave of pleasure - a heart of treasure
where my love is coming right all over me
I was used to be a - handsome ligger
dirty beggar - until
and every single day
yearning for the day of my forgiveness
starving like a flower for the sun
lay down in the summerfield of life
I'm trapped like a sigh in my soul
Now I am here flowers sear
the incarnation of forbidden fear
I'm just stranded I'm just branded
like a rolling wheel that is standing still
I hear voices - from upon
can't make out where they're coming from
can't make out - what they're saying
but I'm still praying
and every single day

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