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The Gloaming Lyrics

Pure Reason Revolution The Gloaming

The gloaming's gone and shattered all I've dreamed
And did she cry those lies for me?
I'm holed in I'm high I'm high dead green
Now watch her fired eyes run clean

It falls like Black Death

Gloaming gone, shadows on shadows
Fall dreamed
And did she sigh those psalms for me?
She cat-walks in the bedroom and her scars just hold
her seams
I can't walk in my love
Now watch the stars they pull our skin

I'll coil this wire round your lost heart & pull
Burn in their hearts
And pull bliss burn burn

And I'll fall with you erase all the love Raise all
your love
Yeah I'm with you erase all the love
And I'll haul through the haze, high above, razors
Fallen with you erase all the love
And I'm calm in you embraced by the touch
Dazed by above, falling in you, amazed by the love
And I'll crawl with you crazed animals fed by her lust
Tearing in you erasing the love

Come here close and then I'll bring you under and we'll
Yeah I'll drag you under

Burns love, burns love, burns, dead lovers
Love burns

Hold back love, never show, no, you hold that gun
No, I'll never show no, no

In the gloaming love surrounds now

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