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The Message Lyrics

Album Name : Laughing Academy
Release Date : 2008-10-27
Song Duration : 3:56

Punishment Of Luxury The Message

Got to work in the morning, still stuck in a dream,
cooped up on moonlab, I went to the screen
Years of waiting, still no sign of hope
Then I saw a light flash on the radio telescope

I couldn't believe it, heart turned to stone
I tried to swallow, I picked up the phone
I said to my assistent, "You won't believe this but
I don't give a damn
I've just received a message - come over here
As soon as you can, now hurry."

'Earth calling moonlab, it's too early to say but we
Believe the signal's about a thousand light years away
Whatever form of life it is, for all we know
Might be extinct now, wiped out centuries ago
Shut up, locate the planet, communication has begun
It's from the second nearest star system to our
sun now, there it is

"You'd like to see us but that cannot be - we
cannot even reach you with simple telepathy
Your mind is not developed, you'd find us much too
You see, we have no structure, we constantly change
We merge with our surroundings, we fluidly adapt our
If we came down now
You would be the form we'd take

Do you understand?
Do you understand?

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