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Worms Lyrics

Album Name : Gore Baby Gore
Release Date : 2006-04-24
Song Duration : 5:27

Punish Yourself Worms

The worms eating her october
Were crawling since september
They try to sneak at night
But I know
She'll find some shelter

The worms that ate her october,
Until that final third of november
These days wound time so hard
But she'll be stronger and stronger and stronger ( It's
just two words away...)

The worms eating her october
Were crawling since forever
I tore the wound open
But I know she
Already found a new kind of shelter

Time is on her side
She's stronger than anyone or
Anything she's so so so so stronger than me
I betrayed you
I told the truth
This truth was stronger
Than betrayal
Why did I do ?
Why did I wait ?

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