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Wait Lyrics

Album Name : That's How Tripods Work
Release Date : 2006-01-01
Song Duration : 2:21

Punchline Wait

Wait...I said, underneath my breath as she turned away from me. Never did I see the look in her eye because her back was turned to me. Maybe if I had seen a tear drop in her eyes I would have stopped I swear I would; but I kept pushing her to love me but I didn't know that I was only pushing her away from me. Maye if I hadn't chased her to the door, then maybe she would have come back for more. All that I can say is if only, maybe if I wouldn't say maybe all the time then she'd be back and she'd be mine. Now I'm lost. I've been down this path before, but it hasn't been a while. I sit here and just think, about my life and how I never seem to win. Constantly not smiling because of a stupid girl, who I only want because she doesn't want me. Isn't it funny how life always works out, works out when you'd least expect it to. Did you know I hate your honesty. Did you know I hate the games you play. Maybe if I sit here for a while, then maybe I'd have you in my arms agian, then you'd be bcak and more than just a friend.

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