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Not Afraid Lyrics

Album Name : Action
Release Date : 2005-08-02
Song Duration : 3:22

Punchline Not Afraid

why do i want you
how can you say this
like what do you want me to be
who did i fall for
not the same person
you haven't been nice in a year

but i'm not afraid anymore
give me a reason and i'll show you what i'm fighting for
i'm not afraid anymore, i'll show you who i am

choosing sides you choose to hide
and try and act like you are fine
while all awhile that's not your style at all
like robot maids in rocky four
it makes no sense but what's for sure
i can choose myself what to regret

now every second
seems like a decade
that might sound quite cliche
just being honest
unlike my conscience
but who hears that anyway

you're crazy
is that what i'm gonna hear
keep trying
this was your biggest fear

watch yourself now
you better calm down

we're all crazy
that's what i always hear
keep trying
this was our biggest fear

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