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One Shot Lyrics

Album Name : Esteem Driven Engine
Release Date : 2008-01-29
Song Duration : 1:55

Pulley One Shot

this is it, my one shot at the big time,
better make it count, stand up and be heard,
cause i know if the radio plays this song
all the kids will buy it and hate me a month from now
and i won't be cool anymore.

i've been doing this for the last twelve years,
through all the times when no one cared.
now everybody wants a piece of me,
sign on the dotted line,
make what's theirs is mine.
it'll make you rich you'll see
and there's a million more just like me.

i don't care what's cool anymore,
who am i to say?
if you can't make that decision on your own
then you're pretty f..cking dumb anyway.

generation, no motivation,
intantaneous gratification,
remote controls and mtv,
in a generation that's hypnotized,
lulled by repetitious lies,
spoonfed all their corporate programming.

i'm not a one hit wonder looking to get rich.
i'm not trying to sell out my songs.
i was here before they exploited our scene
and i'll be here when they're dead and f..cking [gone]

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